Flush casement windows
Without realising it, we have all been living in a country that is filled with flush casement windows. We may see them as the stylish newcomer but the flush casement window – where the window ‘openers’ finish flush to the frame in the closed position – has been with us since mediaeval times.

Developed over the centuries and particlarly popular during the twenties and thirties, the flush casement window has a timeless appeal that has been reignited with the trend towards clean, modern design so beloved by architects today.

To meet the needs of these new customers and satisfy the demands of traditional property owners, we have completely redesigned our range of timber flush casement windows.

We’ve retained all of the features that make the windows so attractive, but have incorporated the latest security, insulation, tilt-and-turn options and finishing techniques to produce a window that is truly equipped for the twenty-first century.

The casement range includes our rebated casement window.

  Flush casement window – where the window ‘openers’ finish flush to the frame in the closed position, as shown in the example above
  The latest technology – dual-gasket seals and friction hinges
Our unique dual-gasket seal is standard on our entire flush casement window range and ensures that the bad weather stays out and your valuable heat stays in. And friction hinges, on all windows, keep the open window in position, whatever the weather throws at it!
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