The new Paxtons timber window and door range has been designed to deliver the Ug values demanded by planning departments, architects and cost-conscious customers.

As energy costs rise the importance of a well insulated home has never been greater. All areas of a property are under the microscope - walls, loft, windows and doors.The performance of each is now required information when repairing or restoring, in the case of windows and doors, or as a whole when building, buying or selling a property.


All Paxtons windows include energy efficient glazing which deliver a U-value rating of 1.0.

All Paxtons glazing units include:

Warm edge spacer bar

Soaft coat

Argon gas filled

1.0 centre pane U-value

1.4 overall U-value

Double gasket seal

We are continually improving the performance of our windows and doors and invite customers to telephone us if planning applications or regulations require them to meet a particular U-value or specification.

Paxtons Timber Windows is a trading name of Paxtons Home Improvements Limited